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Rapidly align people on value and actionable data insights

The 2nd Edition of the Dashboard Wireframe Kit has launched on KickStarter soon. Support the project and get 20% discount.

What the experts say about the Dashboard Wireframe Kit

Brent Dykes

"Designing a new dashboard can be challenging. The Dashboard Wireframe Kit removes the technical hurdles and makes it easy to collaborate on a dashboard design with business users. It’s a handy tool in the Storyframing step.

With the help of this kit, you can ensure the metrics are aligned with key business goals, and the charts are tailored to meet the users’ unique needs and preferences.”


“Dashboards are effective when they answer questions that matter to the target audience. Wireframing and storyboarding a dashboard with stakeholders is a valuable process that has helped me repeatedly create effective dashboards.

The Dashboard Wireframe Kit is a powerful tool that has helped me create high-quality dashboards quickly and easily. The well-grounded layout with prompts and descriptions made it easy to get started, and the stakeholders I worked with were always satisfied with the results.

I highly recommend this kit to anyone looking to create effective dashboards. What is better than the Dashboard Wireframe Kit? The new upgraded version of it! The new kit offers a Strategic layout, which complements the existing Operational layout. The new and improved kit is definitely opening up more conversations and use cases for me."

Drive Data-Driven Decisions

UX meets BI and analytics. Placing business value first through answering user questions and aligning them to actions.

Improve Collaboration

Engage with business stakeholders and technologists alike, rapidly communicate ideas and elevate data literacy through each interaction.

Technology Agnostic

The Kit applies to all the major visualization technologies including Tableau, Power BI and Qlik Sense and modern visualization platforms.

Have you ever struggled bringing people and data together?

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • "I'm not technical enough to work with data."
  • "This dashboard does not provide me much value."
  • "I don't like working with IT."
  • "Just build me a quick dashboard to operate my business."

Yes? Then the Dashboard Wireframe Kit can help.

A Brief History of the Dashboard Wireframe Kit


I'm  Nicholas Kelly

As a former Big 4 analytics consultant (Senior Manager) with over 15 years of consulting experience plus 5 years of UI/UX experience I’ve been involved in over 100 data and analytics projects with organizations of all sizes. During these analytics engagements, a recurring theme was the challenge of getting people aligned with data. Not only that, and perhaps even more so, was getting people aligned with people! Without alignment, it just became a struggle to produce any kind of value from their data, especially dashboards.

Trying to get non-technical people comfortable talking about their data needs was always a struggle, simply because they thought it was beyond their understanding. Not helping the matter at all, was technical people who had a disdain for their colleagues in the business. So not only was there a gap between people and data but there was a gap between the various people within the organization.

Rather than get stuck in a continuous cycle of low value and friction, it became expedient to address these issues up front in BI and analytics projects. This would often take the form of one or more #workshops. Basically get everyone in a room together, working with low-tech items like sticky notes and whiteboards, and not leave until we have achieved alignment around a common vision. A very fruitful, and comprehensible, way to manifest that vision was in the form of #wireframes. Dashboard wireframes. A simple set of visuals that technical and non-technical people alike could help design and understand.

Initially, I would custom design every single dashboard wireframe in a workshop, but it soon became clear that a set of common templates would suffice. So, in my spare time, I started creating reusable templates like printouts of charts, KPIs and filters. This made it much easier to quickly present concepts in workshops and even enabled the participants to get involved in picking their #charts and #datavisualization. It needed to be simple, not overly complex or cumbersome.

With simplicity in mind, there were just a few key things that were really vital to have in these templates:
- The question being answered
- The action(s) it would drive
- How it should look for the end user

Fast forward a few years later, after much testing, and I had formalized these templates into a “kit”, the Dashboard Wireframe Kit so that anyone could use this approach with their dashboards. We successfully launched it on KickStarter and many of you supported us then, for which we are truly thankful. The kit has been gathering feedback over the past four years and we have incorporated those changes into the second edition.