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12pm - 1pm, July 11, 2024


Learn the simple yet transformative wireframing techniques to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical teams with the Dashboard Wireframe Kit.

100% Virtual Event

Attend the event from your office or home. All you need is your laptop, sticky notes, a pen and paper, and the Dashboard Wireframe Kit,

Fun and Engaging

This webinar covers a vast array of material in a short time. Enjoy it all the more in a fun and jovial atmosphere.

Live Coaching

Receive feedback directly from Nick during a series of live activities and practical application.


Despite the abundance of dashboards in many organizations, most go unused, failing to provide meaningful insights to their intended audience. The real challenge lies not just in designing dashboards that deliver value, but in bridging the gap between the technical BI team and non-technical business stakeholders. Achieving this alignment is crucial for creating impactful dashboards that truly drive business success.

After many years of consulting in dashboard design, Nicholas Kelly, your trainer for this session, has found that wireframing is a rapid and effective way to facilitate communication between stakeholders. Utilizing low-tech tools like sticky notes and whiteboards has proven to be a winning formula. This approach has now been distilled into the Dashboard Wireframe Kit, a focused and low-tech kit designed to rapidly align stakeholders on a vision for a dashboard.

Join us for a transformative webinar where you'll not only learn how to make your dashboards more valuable but also how to train others to wireframe using the physical Dashboard Wireframe Kit. This session is designed to help you integrate interactive techniques, requirements gathering, and design into your courses, making them unforgettable for your participants.


Nicholas (LinkedIn profile) is not your typical instructor, that might have great theory but lacks the real-world experience that grounds the material in reality. Nick has lived and breathed the reality of failed data projects. He has been a Big 4 consultant to the world’s largest organizations helping them to act on their data in a career that spans from Ireland to Singapore and the USA.

From enterprise-grade operations dashboards for global banks with 200,000+ employees to intense demand, highly actionable, metrics delivery for Formula 1 drivers, he has developed a winning process for ensuring companies get ROI on their data via insight and behavioral change.

He is the creator of the Enterprise Dashboard Process, invented the Dashboard Wireframe Kit and the award-winning boardgame approach to BI requirements intake, the Dashboard Requirements Kit.

Nick has worked for many years in the analytics field, both inside and outside of Deloitte. His work has been consistently underpinned by two core themes – making the insights you and your company can get from data accessible through well thought out and intuitive visual assets; and integrating those visual assets (such as dynamic dashboards) with existing platforms and processes to help business leaders take action on the insights.

Analytics is as much an art as it is a science and Nick has a unique ability to bridge the gap between data science, digital and the generation of measurable, tangible business value. And all with an energetic approach and sprinkle of Irish charm!

Natalie Williams

DIRECTOR | Deloitte


Dashboard Wireframe Kit

The Dashboard Wireframe Kit (DWK) is a physical toolkit designed to facilitate the interactive and collaborative design of dashboards. It includes a variety of components such as chart types, layout boards, KPI selectors, and filters, all of which can be used to design and wireframe dashboards. The DWK helps facilitators make their design sessions more tangible, interactive, and collaborative, allowing participants to better understand and engage with the process of requirements gathering and design.


Most programs focus on teaching a specific skill, like using a particular BI tool or mastering data storytelling, often resulting in professionals who lack a comprehensive understanding. Our webinar takes a different approach.

"Bridge the Gap: Engaging Technical and Non-Technical Teams with Dashboard Wireframing" is technology agnostic. We emphasize visualization best practices, effective requirements gathering, and collaborative design. We teach you how to successfully engage both technical and non-technical stakeholders, ensuring your dashboards drive real business impact.

To truly succeed and drive insightful outcomes, you need more than technical skills. You need to build trust, manage expectations, and foster collaboration. Join our webinar to gain a new set of tools and a robust mental model to achieve these goals.

  1. Insight mindset – Vision, purpose, prioritize, problem solving, consultant identity
  2. UX principles – User journeys, scenario mapping, research, wireframing
  3. Iterative process – Frameworks, product cycle, workflows, tools, metrics
  4. Change management – Gaps, politics, history, change readiness, alignment
  5. Adoption ownership – Strategy, product focus, marketing, influence


The seminar takes a deep dive into the topics covered in the newly-released book by Nicholas Kelly: Delivering Data Analytics - A Step-By-Step Guide to Driving Adoption of Business Intelligence From Planning to Launch.

Get your copy on Amazon.

Not only was seminar very educational and insightful, but entertaining and personable with the past experiences shared. The seminar exceeded my expectations. I was expecting the seminar to focus solely on dashboard design, but so much more was focused on UX Requirements and I'm glad it was. The level of detail explaining the process and it's importance to delivering data analytics to end users and stakeholders will have a huge impact on adoption and engagement.

Alex Vessey
Lending Business Analyst


This session helps BI/Analytics professionals bring order to chaos and get lazer-focused on value.

You’ll find our participants engaging stakeholders, leveraging process and driving adoption,
not making excuses about “poor data quality”.

I would just like to thank Nick for such an amazing course! I have been in the analytics field for almost 10 years and the content Nick provided was very helpful. I have pages of notes! What I loved most about this course was Nick’s emphasis on using people and process to create a narrative and drive adoption with your dashboards. So much useful and actionable information to take away from this! Thank you

Jeffrey Stevenson



By the end of this live seminar you will have learned:

Focus on the "so what?"

Align to what is important to the business by leveraging the Dashboard Strategy Template.

Engage stakeholders

Have the confidence to ask the right questions to ensure value is being delivered to the end users.

Drive action and value

Connect business goals to actions that drive towards those goals in your dashboard.

Nick is by far the most advanced and innovative thinker in visualization I have met. He has an amazing sense of humor and his ability to connect data and people together to tell a story gives the edge to every project.

Abhinandan Mandhana

Vice President, Automation and Analytics | Bank of America

Nick is one of the most passionate and customer obsessed Analytics leaders that I have had the privilege to work with. He truly understands both the human motivation and the technical blockers to unlocking business insight. His depth of understanding in visual analytics and change regarding data is second to none! 

Travis Jones

Senior Vice President of North America | Logic20/20, Inc.


The approach in the course applies to all the modern business intelligence platforms.

Applies to

Qlik Sense

Applies to

Power BI

Applies to


The wireframe templates in the course also support QlikView, SiSense, ThoughtSpot and any grid-based visualization technology.