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This card deck helps you bridge the gap between data and your stakeholders. They help you build a narrative, so your data has maximum impact with your audience.

Data Storytelling Cards

This book teaches how to tell stories with data and how to present data that inspires and informs audiences.

Data Storytelling Book

This is a secure USB drive with military-grade encryption to protect your project data. Authenticate with a physical PIN to access your files anywhere securely.

Secure USB Drive

This is a therapy lamp that enhances your mood and focus. Use it to combat fatigue and boost your energy levels during demanding data work.

Sun Therapy Lamp

This is a privacy filter for your laptop. It shields sensitive data from side glances, perfect for working in public spaces while having a coffee.

Laptop Privacy Screen

This is a wireframing board for quickly collaborating on mock-ups of dashboards and chart ideas with stakeholders. It has Power BI and Tableau expansion packs too.

Dashboard Wireframe

These wireless noise-canceling headphones have a built-in microphone that blocks out distractions and stay connected with crystal-clear calls to boost concentration and productivity.


This laptop cooler prevents overheating during intensive data processing, ensuring your laptop runs at full speed and doesn’t throttle your CPU.

Laptop Cooler

This smart reusable notebook makes is easy to capture and digitize your notes and data visualization sketches.

These are blue light-blocking glasses to protect your eyes and reduce eye strain during hours of screen time.